About Daycare Cleaning

Do you have your own daycare? Yes, you may have accomplished all it takes to start and run your daycare properly. You may have all the papers needed; you have advertised your business well and so on. But remember that the number one reason why a daycare is successful because the facility is clean. You have to make sure that your daycare is not only clean and organize but it also smells clean.I strongly suggest you to visit Lakewood Daycare Cleaning to learn more about this.

Most people’s best weapon against defense is their nose, it you smell something unpleasing, and you’ll have a lasting impression that this or that place is not good enough. This is also true with parents who are bringing their kids to daycare. Of course, they would want to have a clean and healthy daycare for their kids. So, as one who has your own daycare facility, you have to see to it that your facility is always clean.

This article will give you pointers regarding the proper things to do to keep your facility clean and smelling good. Yes, you need to do working in order to keep and maintain your daycare to be clean and healthy but it is worth it.

You have to clean and sanitize your facility everyday. You need to wipe all the surfaces with water that has bleach on it. You need to make a solution that has 1 tbsp. of bleach in a gallon of water. Wipe everything out especially the toy shelves, door handles, kitchen tables, kitchen counters, and bathroom areas and so on. Clean all the toys especially those that are being mouthed by children, make sure to sanitize them each day.

Every 3 months, let all of your carpets be steam cleaned. Carpets can get dirt, dust and so on, that is why you have to clean it properly, free it from microbes and germs, knowing that kids are playing around.

When it is too cold outside, you have to close the windows and use air fresheners. When it is warm, make sure to open all the windows to let fresh air circulate.

Every once a week, wash all the sleeping bags, pillows, sheets with soap and bleach solution in order to be assured that these are well-cleaned.

After lunch, make sure to clean right away. Do not let drop food on the floor for long period of time. If parents visit unexpectedly, when they see drop foods on the floor, they will have a bad impression to your daycare center.

These are few of the steps that you should do for your facility. Just always remember that clean and healthy daycare facility can attract parents and they will gladly bring their kids to your center.