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A managed vice is when you combine all of your IT requirements into a single, simple contract. Typical services included in a managed service contract are: –

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Virtual Information Technology Department (Helpdesk Support)

On-site assistance

Network Administration

Working from afar

Backups and Recoveries

Purchase and installation of software and hardware

Health Examinations


These are the most popular services required by prospective clients prior to signing a contract.

How it Works

In most cases, an IT company would have a team of engineers on hand (who specialise in the various fields mentioned above) who are ready to deal with any problems that may arise. When a company encounters a problem, they will contact the helpdesk to see if the issue can be resolved remotely. The call would be registered, and the team would attempt to resolve the problem. If the issue is resolved, the call will be terminated, and the helpdesk staff will normally record how the issue was resolved. If the problem was not addressed, the call would be transferred to a more senior engineer. If the problem has been resolved to this point, the same procedure will be followed; if it has not, an engineer will be sent to the site to fix the issue. Only those issues that the consumer is entitled to under the contract will be resolved by the engineer. If they aren’t covered, they will usually be paid an hourly rate plus labour costs.

Who are the people who make use of this service?

Small and medium-sized businesses are the most frequent users of this programme. They have enough funds to maintain their IT infrastructure, but not enough to recruit two or three full-time workers.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Managed Services

The biggest benefit is that you can outsource all of your needs to a specialised organisation that can handle any questions you have for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. When you outsource all of your IT specifications, you can focus exclusively on your core business rather than thinking about who will handle your IT needs and what you can do if anything goes wrong. The only downside is that an engineer’s arrival on site for business-critical issues can take some time.

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