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An auto body shop is an establishment in which automobile mechanics fix, diagnose and repair vehicles that come their way. The services they provide can be for most makes and models of vehicles including trucks, cars, SUVs, vans, and minivans. They also work on motorcycles and boats. In most instances, a mechanic who works at an auto body shop is not a licensed auto mechanic and as such is not qualified to work on a vehicle that has not been thoroughly checked. A certified mechanic will have been trained and will have had a thorough examination to ensure he or she is up to speed with the specific procedures that need to be followed when working on any type of vehicle.You may want to check out West Hatfield auto body shop for more.

Some auto body shops also specialize in repairing older vehicles that may have needed auto body repairs in the past. Specialized auto repair shops are sometimes called “motor clubs” or “riders clubs.” Many motorcycle enthusiasts begin their own small group and share knowledge of repairs and troubleshooting techniques so that other riders can also benefit from their experience.

A qualified auto body shop can help owners with basic maintenance needs such as oil changes and transmission and brake repairs as well as more complex tasks such as body replacement. For instance, a motorcycle that has been in an accident will usually need a different type of body shell than one that is just hit. An experienced mechanic will know what type of paint will hold up under different driving conditions as well as what kind of paint is recommended for an area that receives heavy rainfall. It is important that an auto repair shop to perform a complete inspection of the vehicle before any paint job or other types of repairs are performed.


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