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A cannabis dispensary, cannabis club, or cannabis coop is a public place where cannabis is legally sold for medicinal or recreational use. Typically in the United States these are commonly known as coffee shops.In the United States however they are recognized as either recreational facilities or private clubs where only qualified individuals may join.Recently in Alaska a marijuana dispensary was discovered to be selling marijuana to people who were not using it for medicinal purposes, but rather purchase pot brownies and baked goods for consumption. You may want to check out Catalyst Cannabis Company Recreational Dispensary Old Seward, Anchorage for more.

This action caused an uproar in the state of Alaska and has led to several new laws being implemented in order to control the sale and distribution of cannabis in the state. In late August, 2021 the state of Alaska became the second state in the U.S. to legally regulate and sell marijuana. Once fully approved, the Alaska law takes effect immediately; it also creates a hybrid marijuana structure which allows suppliers to grow and distribute without directly selling it to consumers. As with any other type of cannabis regulation, licensed distributors need to register with the state in order to receive a state license. This process has proved to be a great move for the state, allowing distributors to freely operate while providing new tax opportunities for the state.

Within the last few years there has been a significant amount of growth and development within the cannabis industry. Alaska is currently the leading state in terms of sales and revenue generated by the cannabis industry. Several other states have legalized medical marijuana but currently do not allow recreational use of the drug. Although there remain eight states currently enforcing legislation against the production and distribution of medical marijuana, fourteen states have no laws against personal use of the drug for medicinal purposes. The trend of California’s medical marijuana industry is expected to continue to expand as more states move forward with enacting comprehensive cannabis regulations.


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