Epoxy Resin- An Overview

It doesn’t necessarily mean that this longevity turns into a long shelf-life simply because a commodity is durable. Products are often only reliable if they are utilized nearly directly after acquisition. Fortunately, epoxy flooring is not in that group.Learn More

There are locations selling no-hassle epoxy packages providing all the required supplies to ready the floor and add an epoxy application. In different tubes, labelled Part A and Part B, ready-made kits hold the epoxy and will stay so until the customer chooses to add the flooring. The epoxy resin and Component B, the hardener, are housed in Part A. The chemical reaction starts instantly after these two are mixed – so we advise in our user manual that unless you are able to start applying the floor, the two chemicals must be kept in their respective containers.

Generally speaking, epoxy will stay fresh for 1 year after it has been sealed in a locked, isolated state (meaning since the resin and hardener are in various vessels). This is excellent news, since the garage is always placed on the back burner – a lot! So if you buy one of these kits and worry about it for months on end, be assured that the package will always be available until you shake off the settled dust.

When it comes to postponing the application due to weather, the same idea applies to epoxy storage. When the weather is great, it is quick to stock up on home renovation supplies, and before the season changes, we have grandiose plans to complete the epoxy coating. But, you just don’t need to avoid purchasing before the weather is ideal. You should obtain a kit and wait until applying it until the temperature is below the appropriate range (not over 90 °F). Only make sure that if you order the package during the winter months, you do not cause Part A and Part B to get frozen whilst waiting for ideal conditions.

While epoxy is claimed to have a shelf life of 1 year, if it is older than a year, there are websites and online forums where specific knowledge is provided on how you should check the epoxy for viability. Any sites address the usage of more than 2-year-old epoxy. So don’t throw away old epoxy floor paint immediately-go online to map out the measures to see how it will recover your stash.