How To Roll A Joint With A Glass Tip- Know More

When learning how to roll a joint with a glass tip, the most important thing that needs to be remembered is that you are working with a sharp edged material and that you must take extra care when moving the joint. The first step in making the joint is starting off with the two ends of the piece of glass on opposite sides of the knife (this will be covered later). Make sure that you have both eyes on the same side of the glass, with one eye on the bottom of the joint and the other eye on the top. You are now going to move the glass piece towards the other eye so that it is resting right on the point where your knuckles are touching. You want to make sure that it is centered with your palm facing up and that there is no additional pressure applied to the joint. You can learn more at How to roll joint with glass tip.
When learning how to roll a joint with a glass tip you want to be careful of any small pieces of debris that could get caught in the joint. The key to successful rolling a joint lies in keeping all small pieces of debris out of the way and just using your knuckles to push the joint together. Once the joint is properly formed, make sure that you use a lubricant so that you don’t have to worry about the knife getting dull. If you notice that the joint is getting too rough, then stop and let it cool. When rolling a joint with glass ensure that you only rotate the joint clockwise three times. You should never turn the knife at all, while the joint is spinning.
When you have completed the joint, remove the glass piece and use a jeweler’s loupe to examine the glass piece for any scratches or chips. If there are any chips or scratches in the glass tip then you will need to replace the joint. When selecting the new joint, you will want to make sure that it is of the same size and thickness as the original joint. It is important that the joint fits the original perfectly and that you are using the same kind of joint that was used on the item when it was manufactured.