Important Element about Apollo General Contracting

There are two primary methods for hiring a contracting firm to work for you. General contracting is the first and most traditional approach. You and an architect collaborate to create plans and specifications for the work to be done in this model. Visit Apollo General Contracting.┬áTypically, your architect will orchestrate a bidding process between a number of reputable general contractors. It’s critical that the plans and specifications are as specific as possible, indicating quality and, in many cases, brands or equivalents. This is the only way to compare and contrast several general contractors on a “apples to apples” basis. The main benefit of using a general contractor is that your work will be completed at a fixed cost determined through competitive bidding, and that the contractor will take on some risk in fixing the price. It is his financial responsibility, not yours, if the work takes longer or he encounters unexpected difficulties. Labour, material, subcontractors, fieldwork, general administrative expense, contingencies, and profit will typically be broken down into several categories in his bid.Construction management is a more recent method of carrying out the same task. A construction manager acts as an agent for his client, hiring subcontractors and directing payments from the client to them. Typically, a construction manager is compensated as a percentage of the project’s total cost. The benefit of this method of delivery is that you, as the client, have complete control over the process. In a nutshell, the construction manager is assisting you as you take on the role of general contractor. You will have complete control over the construction process, including negotiating with suppliers and subcontractors, because the construction manager will act as your agent. Another benefit of Construction Management is that if you can save money during construction (for example, through a special buy or discounted services from a subcontractor), you keep the savings. If a General Contractor had the same opportunity, he could keep the difference as extra profit.