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In order to achieve the Limited-Attendance or Unattended classification code, the boiler must go through the strict statutory requirements of operation, maintenance, servicing and record keeping. look at this site Boiler codes detail the situations where an emergency shutdown of a boiler is to occur. The boiler must be equipped with a minimum, specified inventory of safety equipment that will automatically shut down the boiler in the event of a potentially unsafe condition. There are many different types of classification used by many different environmental codes (BCS’s); however, the type of fuel fired in a particular boiler will largely determine its classification. A symmetric, 10 MW electric boiler producing electricity with a natural gas firing system may gain unattended fire classification under Regulation 141 (or more likely Regulation 100), where a similar, 10 MW solid-fuel boiler of the same engine manufacturer would classify as Limited-Attendance. With firing speci´Čücally those substances with a variable moisture content, especially the solid-fuels, the process could be something of an art requiring a degree of skill and experience. In this author’s jurisdiction, unattended solid-fuel boilers are nevertheless not uncommon even for quite large boilers over 20 MW capacity and often in multiple boiler installations. In most jurisdictions, boiler codes do not allow for manual boiler controls by the operator, but only force the owner to take action during an accident. They must be under the control of the BCS every second of every day. In one of the styles, they may only be operated in unattended mode. Electronic devices of this kind may not be operated by anyone under any circumstances even for brief periods.Boilers that have been certified to operate unattended do not require a person to be certified. This relaxation of the manning requirements imposes substantial obligations on boiler owners, controllers, manufacturers, and inspection bodies to ensure compliance with boiler codes and other relevant legislation, and that boiler supervisory staff or maintenance staff undergo adequate training.