Traditional systems are also less expensive because of the metal ductwork and other components. On the positive side, traditional systems are more visible in the home than high velocity systems because high velocity tubing deteriorates more easily than metal ducts and tubing creates stress on the mechanical components of the device. Because of the larger vents, traditional systems need more space, and each room requires a supply and return. The high-velocity machine takes up much less room and can be set up in one location for both delivery and return. Furthermore, the high-velocity system is less costly than the standard system. Check

Finally, bear in mind that central air conditioning is a difficult device to instal. With every installation, there is almost always an issue. Any errors in construction will result in major issues and a substantial increase in your electric bill. Make sure you get multiple bids and select a contractor you can trust. The contractor should have a lot of experience and be able to provide you with references so you can check out the work they’ve done. If you ask every first-time homeowner what the most difficult aspect of furnishing their home is, it’s doubtful they’ll say the air conditioning. On paper, finding the best air conditioner for a home seems daunting – there are many make-or-break variables to consider – but with the right approach and technological outlook, it is a surprisingly easy exercise.

Despite its simplicity, we often see homeowners make basic mistakes when furnishing their home or apartment. The few most common mistakes, ranging from bad cooling choices to overpowered air conditioners, have significant potential consequences. This fast buyer guide is designed to help you avoid the most popular air conditioning mistakes and find the right air conditioner for your home, apartment, or condominium.