Men Encouraged to Enter Nursing Profession and Fill Travel Nurse Jobs

As well as a widely held stereotype that nursing is for women only, nursing has been a historically female dominated profession. The nursing staffing agencies as well as nursing schools are strongly encouraging more men to enter the profession with the ever growing shortage of nurses, male and female, and also fill travel nursing jobs around the nation.  look at this site

While it does not matter whether women or men care for patients, according to recent federal estimates, as long as professional and ethical care is given, men represent just around 6 percent of all nursing roles. Travel nurse jobs for males are still lower than females even with work loss and nursing shortages; however, males are highly encouraged to enter the nursing and medical fields to meet the existing nurse shortage.

Because when employed in the nursing profession, men bring a different viewpoint, nursing schools and colleges are looking to fill more nursing roles with men. Nursing colleges and schools are also appealing to male and female learners with their brochures, textbooks and other classroom resources. These modifications include photographs of both males and females and field descriptions with references to both males and females. Therefore more male students are entering a dominant profession that is otherwise female, and this influx would potentially increase the number of men who choose jobs as travel nurses.

Men enjoy the same benefits as women after a year of experience in the profession, including health care, nursing compensation, promotion opportunities, and many even opt to become travel nurses. Every year, male nurses and travel nurses hire thousands of men and women in hospitals, private doctors’ offices, medical laboratories and schools; for every form of travel nursing job across the nation, men and women are required.

When applying for a position as a travel nurse, not only should men have a recent and impeccable resume, but they should also hold a portfolio. Most portfolios include professional certificates, completed CEUs, professional guidelines, a written record of personal principles and opinions regarding nursing and the competence of one’s field skills. The person’s reflection of the theory, facts, behaviour and experience of taking care of a patient and relationships with family members is one of the essential elements of a portfolio. A portfolio may be an essential component for placement with a medical staffing agency recruiter when men select a medical staffing agency for a travel nurse position. More medical staffing agency customers are searching for portfolios that provide a living record of the competency, expertise and knowledge of a candidate to share with their customers.