New York Microblading Association – An Analysis

For any woman who wants to make her eyes look bigger, bolder, more dramatic, or who simply wants to make her eyes stand out, eyeliners are a simple necessity. The decision making method can be very tricky with the wide selection of eyeliners on the market today. But first, what are the best kinds of eyeliner? There are truly a lot of choices to choose from, from pencil to liquid to gel. Have a look at New York Ombré Brows for more info on this.

Best Pencil with Eyeliner

For creating a soft look, eyeliner pencils are perfect, but they have just as much ability to produce the perfect edgy look. For the lower lashes and the waterline, which is something liquid or gel liners should not be used for, pencils are better used. The best one all around is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil, if you want to invest in a pencil eyeliner. The pencil is creamy and glides easily and really remains in place and does not move until you’re ready to remove it. For enduring hot and humid conditions, it is excellent.

Best Liquid Eyeliner Luxury

In order to build the dramatic yet classy look so many women aspire to achieve, Liquid Eyeliners are an absolute must. Think of Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn, how could they, without their elegantly dark rimmed features, charm us? Guerlain ‘Divinora’ Liquid Eyeliner is the finest liquid eyeliner overall. Not only does the bottle captivate you with its distinctive charm, but it comes with a golden brush applicator—a magic wand. The brush is built for supreme precision as a calligraphy tool, is small enough to fill the tiny gaps between your lashes, and smooth enough to add layers of the perfect black liquid to achieve a flawless application.

Best Liner Gel

Thanks to gel liners, the days of feared raccoon eyes are gone. The revolutionary alternative to the conventional powder liners that slide on effortlessly and remain put before you remove them willingly is Gel Liners. While gel liners need to be applied with a brush, especially when you see the results of the liquid-liner but the simpler kohl-pencil like application, you can get the hang of drawing your lines. Stila Smudge Pots were the finest gel eye liner available. As an eyeliner and a shadow, this cute little pot pair is so sublime for making a presentation that avoids the smokey-eyed look. To line the entire eye and highlight under the brow bone, simply add Stila’s Kitten shade (a nude pink shimmer), then dab the soft Black Cat over your lids, and finally line the eye with the inky Black shade.