The Best Transplant for Hair

Among the many hair transplant options available, a procedure called Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as FUT, is considered to be the most advanced one. This is a procedure in which one to four hair groups are transferred into other natural hair groups. This grouping is called a unit of follicles. The surgeon could move as much as a thousand hair grafts in one sitting by getting those units. I strongly suggest you to visit Melbourne hair transplant to learn more about this. Compared to the older hair transplant models, the session is maximized and less time is used. Here are the benefits of this technique:

Hair transplant growth is maximized: This procedure helps the surgeon to harvest and move several strips of follicular units without splitting or damaging the follicles, unlike typical hair transplants.

The hair looks natural: the true motive is to look better for people who want to undergo hair transplants. If there’s something they’re trying to change and it doesn’t look natural, why would they even bother? If the outcome doesn’t look natural, people might just make fun of it. The goal of the procedure must therefore be for the outcomes to be as normal as possible.

The operation is simple to do: the hair transplant surgeon will quickly and reliably measure the amount of natural hair that can be collected from a donor strip thanks to this new technique. This then enables them to plan how many units, regardless of the patient’s hair density, need to be used for a certain bald area.

There is less damage to the scalp: surgeons are able to extract the extra tissues that have accumulated from the transplant itself without destroying the follicles by using stereo-microscopic dissection. Having fewer wounds will help to make the hair appear natural and the scalp will retain its elasticity because of this treatment.

For large transplant sessions, procedures may be conducted: being able to harvest units easily enables this technique to be performed for large hair transplant sessions. And since each session transplants large amounts of grafts, the patient has less time to spend just to get the transplant completed. There are the reasons why this procedure is the best technique there is for hair transplants. It solves the hair loss problem, and both the patient and the surgeon have less tension and less work.