Tummy Tuck – Removes Excess Fat

For those able to get a trimmer, firmer and wider looking belly, the tummy tuck will come as a welcome treatment. Often known by the term “abdominoplasty,” by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing extra skin and fat, the tummy tuck ensures a flatter midsection. The amount of fat, as well as flabby and loose skin, is decreased. West Long Branch plastic surgeon has some nice tips on this.

Tummy Tuck Into the Rescue

For stubborn excess fat that is unresponsive to exercise and a controlled diet, the tummy tuck is a perfect remedy. Two examples of individuals who can benefit from the tummy tuck technique are described below:

  1. A) Those who have undergone a pregnancy

Owing to the loss of their pre-pregnancy form, many women who have had one or more deliveries feel sad. Pregnancy adversely affects skin elasticity and muscle tone and induces stretch marks, albeit an otherwise wonderful experience. A tummy tuck will repair sagging skin and tighten the stretched areas, thereby restoring the body contour of the patient.

(b) Those who lost a great deal of weight

The tummy tuck will repair the flaccidity that accompanies the loss of a large amount of weight.

Excess skin and abdominal roundness caused by a hereditary predisposition or normal ageing may also be corrected by abdominoplasty.

Do Note

The tummy tuck should not be taken into consideration as a weight loss technique. The applicants for treatment are either now, or very similar to, their usual weight. In addition, before deciding to go for it, it is necessary for the patient to discuss not only the benefits and costs, but also the side effects and risks of the procedure with the concerned practitioner. Nevertheless, it can’t be argued that the tummy tuck is a perfect way to get closer to the “to die for” figure one step further.

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