Unknown Hurricane Proof Windows

Hurricanes, and other big hurricanes, can be completely catastrophic not just for the foundations of homes and buildings, but also for the people who occupy them. Both inside and out, strong winds and flying debris will damage the home massively. That’s why if you live in an area that is prone to these kinds of storms, hurricane proofing your home with impact resistant windows is critical.Learn more about this at Miami impact doors.

Not only do hurricane windows protect the home against these major natural disasters, but they also offer safety and security against burglary. Hurricane proof windows use an interlayer that holds the glass layers sealed and fused together in the windows. This helps binding and adhesion to be much smoother, as well as greater clarification.

Checking of Windows Hurricane Proof

In order to assess longevity and strength, there are impact tests that the window glasses are placed through. Essentially, all of the coastal cities of Florida and the Gulf should be confident that these checks have been sustained by whatever goods they purchase to help shield their home from major windstorms. Florida, especially Miami-Dade and neighboring counties, should have products that can withstand winds of up to 110 mph.

The glass is exposed to pieces of lumbar which travel at a speed of up to 34 mph in an extreme-force, large-missile test. Usually, these bits weigh about 9 pounds. If the glass holds up to this part of the test, positive and negative wind loads must also be able to pass for 9000 cycles and there must be no hole greater than 1/16 by 5 inches on the interlayer at the end. There should be goods that pass this test for buildings or homes that have windows less than 30 feet above ground level. Of note, in the Miami-Dade county building code, this is a condition. Be sure to ask the manufacturer if this test has passed for the goods you are buying.

The small-missile resistance test is when 10 ball bearings moving at a speed of around 50 mph are subjected to various impacts on the glass. For 9000 cycles, wind loads are then used.

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