Water Damage Repair – Know What to Expect

Thinking of Water Damage Repair? Is Prepared Ahead of Time! Believe it or not, there exist three kinds of water damage. The first kind is “clean” water caused by rain, leaky appliances, rainwater, and so on…it is relatively harmless to clear it up on your own.Have a look at Miami water damage repair for more info on this.

The second kind of water damage is termed “porous” water damage. Water that seeps through the surface of the home into the cavities, which are the porous part of the walls and foundation, can be very harmful. Water that causes this kind of damage can rot the wood, destroy floor boards, warp carpet, and etch in mold. These kinds of damages need professional repair, as the damage cannot usually be fixed with household tools. Water damage repair professionals are experts in this field.

Lastly, the last type of damage is “fouled.” Fouled water damage occurs when a pore is clogged, trapping moisture inside. This can cause ceiling leaks, mildew growth, mold growth, etc… Most times, the source of the trapped moisture will be obvious, as the ceiling will be discolored, musty smelling, or have black spots in the cracks. For this kind of water damage repair, you need to either hire a professional to do it, or do it yourself using the proper products. Use heavy duty sprays to dry out any areas that may need drying. Also, you should use absorbent towels to dry yourself off afterwards.


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