What Effect Could Marijuana Legalization Have on DUI Laws

Rather than advocating for blanket legalisation for all patients, supporters of drug legalisation often concentrate on the battle for medicinal marijuana. Others argue that it should be controlled and taxed similarly to tobacco and alcohol, allowing someone above the age of 21 to lawfully buy it. Here are a few reasons why marijuana should be legalised:If you’re looking for more tips What are the Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization?

  • Criminalization restricts civil liberty; legalisation reduces drug trafficking; less young people become criminals; and frees up courts and policing services for “more relevant” matters.
  • Cannabis has industrial applications, such as clothing; • Cannabis is arguably less dangerous than tobacco, nicotine, and other substances (in moderation)
  • Medical advantages, especially for people with AIDS and cancer.
  • Tax proceeds from pot sales • Reduction in violent activity due to cannabis conflicts

The Argument Against Marijuana Legalization

Opponents of drug legalisation have a number of reasons to back up their position, including:

  • It’s a downward slope; stronger substances like cocaine and opioids could be allowed if weed is legalised • Marijuana will serve like a stumbling stone to harsher drugs like crack and meth if it’s available in supermarkets • More small adolescents will have access to marijuana if it’s sold in stores • More adults will have access to marijuana if it’s sold in stores.