What is the Process to Get Fixed Implant Dentures-Details

Fixed Implant Dentures are those that are made from a single solid tooth root. They are considered permanent because they stay in place all the way through your entire adulthood. I strongly suggest you to visit What is the Process to Get Fixed Implant Dentures to learn more about this. It will take some getting used to, but after several months of being in place, you will feel like a new person. You’ll have no need for dentures because the implant will take care of them, and the new appliance will be attached firmly into the gum line, as it should be. There is also less chance of losing the implants, because the root is attached directly to the jaw bone.

Patients who have experienced tooth loss due to decay, broken or decayed teeth, or other conditions such as those listed above are good candidates for this procedure. They must be 18 years of age or older and not suffer from any malformation or structural problem of the jaw. Before the implant can be placed, there will need to be a preliminary visit with the dentist. During this time, he or she will examine your mouth properly to ensure that the implants will be properly attached to your jawbone. If there are problems, then corrective action will need to be taken. Otherwise, the process will continue.

The main disadvantage to using dental implants is that there is sometimes an increased chance for infection. This is usually temporary and generally responds to regular doses of antibiotics. However, if you smoke cigarettes or use contaminated denture materials, this may increase the risk of infection even more. Be sure to practice good oral hygiene while using dental implants, as the risk for developing gum disease and other dental problems increases if you do not.