A Look At The Boston Declaration: More on Sackcloth and Ashes

Boston’s history is filled with intriguing events that have shaped this unique city. The early history of Boston plays an important role in American history as well. From the time of the Plymouth settlers to the time of the Boston Tea Party, Boston has been rich in history. In 1630, Puritan settlers from England founded Boston, quickly becoming the primary economic, political, religious, and academic center of the New England area. read more about Boston’s history

Today, Boston is one of the world-class, cosmopolitan cities with a very diverse population. It is one of the most progressive cities in the United States, housing the world’s oldest and largest university, Harvard University. A walk through the city is a tour of America! Some of the historical sites you can visit include Old Town, the Freedom Trail, the John Hancock Tower, and the Old Administration Building.

Today Boston is an international city with an historic harbor. Travel to the other ports of call on your trans Atlantic journey. Boston’s history is reflected in many of its festivals, tours, parks, monuments and buildings. Some of these sites are: the John Hancock Tower, the Boston Massacre Site, and the Science Museum. All in all, Boston makes an excellent backdrop for a transatlantic voyage.