About Why is Desert Sand not Used for Construction?

Why is desert sand not use for construction? The answer to this question is that although sand and gravels are easy to get, they are too soft. When you try to use them for any purpose other than the construction, the end result will be something that you will not be happy with such as cracks, difficulty in using the sand, difficult in working it, uneven and bumpy surfaces. The use of sand for any purpose other than the construction is limited to the decoration and landscaping purposes. Read more on barrier consctruction.

Another reason why is desert sand not use for any construction purpose is that the temperature of the sand is too low for the formation of rocks and bricks or anything that require fine-grained construction materials. Why is it that some builders prefer rough sand, while others prefer fine-grained ones? Because coarse sand tends to crack when pressure is applied on it and the fine-grained ones stay durable and remain intact even under heavy pressure. Crumbling sand is usually dumped into the bin and never used again.

What other alternatives do we have for sand? Sand can be recycled into sandbags, pouches, rollers and even cement among others. This way, we are taking good care of the environment. Also, if you are a contractor or a construction supervisor, I am sure that you know that you will still be able to produce quality sand with the use of the best construction equipment and techniques without compromising your budget. So what are you waiting for?