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Tax preparation is usually the act of preparing financial records, typically income tax returns for an individual, and in many cases, for another person other than the insured. Tax preparation can also be accomplished by the individual with assistance from tax preparation consultants, both offline and online. In the past, taxpayers prepared their own tax returns. Today, most taxpayers obtain their tax information and records through tax preparation agencies. However, even though many taxpayers go this route, some choose to prepare their own tax records and returns. Our website provides info on Tax Preparation services-All American Tax Service
When individuals decide to prepare their own tax records, they can either do so by themselves, using tax preparation service software, or utilize the services of a tax preparation service. Tax return preparation service software provides an individual with a more convenient way to prepare their records. Most CPAs have the necessary training to use such programs. The majority CPAs can purchase such software from the local CPAs’ office supply store. If a taxpayer chooses to prepare their own records using tax preparation service software, the CPAs’ office will usually provide such software at no cost.
Not all CPAs are certified public accountants, however. Some states require CPAs to be certified before they can take the licensing exam to become certified public accountants with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). CPA certification is not required for CPAs who work solely independently; however, CPAs who work in partnership with other CPAs (accountants, H&R Block or payroll providers) may need to be certified. CPAs who obtain CPA certification may continue to work as independent contractors, but must complete continuing education credits each year in order to maintain certification.