Auto Insurance: Covering Your Motor Vehicle

Auto insurance is coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and other recreational vehicles owned by an individual. Its primary function is to provide financial coverage against physical injury or damage resulting from vehicular accidents and from liability which may also arise from events in a vehicle accident. It can also include personal injury protection for injuries received during the course of an auto accident.Kindly visit San Angelo Auto Insurance to find more information.

Auto Insurance provides two basic kinds of coverage – liability insurance, which pays medical expenses and property damages incurred in an accident, and collision insurance that pay the expenses related to repairs for automobiles that are damaged in an accident. Liability insurance is required if you want to drive a car on the state’s roads. Collision insurance helps you pay for these expenses and any other expenses related to your car after an accident, such as for replacement of parts and personal injury protection while driving. Both of these will be paid from the insurance company of the driver of the other automobile.

Bodily Injury liability is a type of bodily injury liability insurance that will pay for medical and funeral expenses resulting from an auto accident. Property damage liability covers the repair expenses of automobiles, personal property of those injured in the accident, and any other expenses that resulted from the accident. These types of policies have two exceptions – medical payments that were due before the accident and legal fees that must be paid before the settlement of the claim. This exception is required because in some states victims of an automobile accident may be held responsible for legal expenses incurred in filing a claim. If this is the case, the insurance company may not limit the payment of funeral expenses.

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