California Center for Ketamine Therapy – Things to consider

In recent years, the United States saw a proliferation of ketamine clinics sprouting up everywhere. In fact, in just one year alone, the numbers grew from 60 to 300; this number is clearly much higher today. As more people continue to use this drug for disorders that usually resists medication through other traditional pharmaceuticals, it seems that more clinics and medical centers will be popping up all over the place. This article seeks to provide a basic overview on Ketamine Clinic and what exactly it offers to people suffering from certain medical conditions. Visit California Center for Ketamine Therapy – Ketamine Clinic.

A brief triage form is provided at the front desk of every ketamine clinics, and medical aid can be requested at any time. In order to set up an appointment, patients need to call in first, and then wait for up to two hours while the physician diagnoses the condition and determines how long it will take to treat the patient. Usually, patients who are diagnosed with a short-term disorder such as epilepsy or some sort of seizure disorder can be treated in as little as five days. Patients who have long-term disorders like schizophrenia are usually given at least four weeks to recover before starting their prescribed medication schedule.

In order to receive treatment, patients need to be admitted to the ketamine clinic, and then proceed through detoxification. First, the doctor will put the patient on IV-intake therapy, which means he will give small amounts of the drug through a vein in the arm. Once the body is able to absorb the drug, it will be stored in the gastrointestinal tract until it is ready to be taken into the bloodstream. It is highly recommended that patients discontinue their current prescription drugs and stop taking any over-the-counter medicines while in the detoxification phase, in order to prevent any unnecessary complications during the treatment period. After detoxification is finished, the doctor will restart the treatment process, and the patient will receive either one or two doses of the drug per day.