Cosmetic Dentistry – Improve Dental Health

The opportunity for cosmetic dentistry started very recently. Cosmetic dentistry is oral surgery aimed at enhancing dental health as well as improving a person’s facial appearance. With the growing importance of the media, the number of celebrities currently opting for such treatments is well established. Yet, even for those of us who are not so much in the limelight, by contributing to his or her faith and self-esteem, the treatment will benefit anyone considerably. The television makeover and reality shows have strengthened the consciousness of everyone about what cosmetic dentistry is and how to access it. Check

For particular issues relating to teeth, cosmetic dentistry has various types. The major therapies include, but are not limited to:

Whitening teeth

Tooth whitening, better known as tooth whitening, is a fairly common practice today. Here, it brightens discolored or rusty teeth and makes them look whiter.

The Veneers

The technique for converting teeth that are worn out, crooked or damaged is to add dental veneers. Small shells or laminates are veneers that are tooth-coloured. To maximize their appearance, they are attached to the front part of the teeth.

To the Crowns

Crowns are intended for cracked or missing teeth. Crowns, thus the word ‘crown,’ are applied right on top of the actual teeth. By fortifying them, dental crowns improve the functionality of the damaged teeth. Crowns are made of either porcelain or gold. For a natural look, tooth-coloured porcelain is better.

Contouring for

Contouring is the technique used to correct uneven, chipped, broken or overlapping teeth. The aspect of cosmetic dentistry that alters the length, shape or even location of the teeth is contouring.

Reshaping gum

The reshaping of the tissue underlying bones includes the reshaping of gums to give the appearance of symmetrical or longer teeth. Here, by extracting the extra gum using a scalpel or laser unit, the gum line is raised or sculpted. Gum reshaping is mostly intended to eliminate gums that cover too many teeth to make them appear short.

Bridges with dents

Applying dental bridges requires false teeth that are filled in the region where teeth are missing, also known as pontic. In this category of cosmetic dentistry, the two crowns on both sides of the false tooth hold the false teeth in place. Not only to enhance the appearance, but also to prevent gum diseases and reduce the pressure on the neighboring teeth, dental bridges are required.