Deciding Upon Speedy Secrets ForMortgage Insurance

There are two types of mortgage insurance that you should know about. There is mortgage insurance that protects the lender (the bank), and there is mortgage insurance that protects the borrower (the homebuyer).Do you want to learn more? Visit

In Canada, mortgage insurance that protects the bank is offered by the CMHC, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The CMHC allows buyers to purchase a home without having saved up a down-payment worth 25% of the cost of the house. If you are planning on purchasing a house, but do not have the 25% down payment, your lender will arrange everything with the CMHC. You won’t have to deal with the CMHC yourself. However, it is wise to check out their website because they have valuable information on many aspects of housing.

In America, the function of the CMHC is performed by various private mortgage insurance companies. They often belong to the Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, or MICA.

The second kind of mortgage insurance is insurance that you can buy at the time that you get your mortgage. It is a kind of life insurance that is worth the balance of your mortgage. If you buy this insurance, you are making sure that if you die before your mortgage gets paid off, your dependants will not have the burden of repaying your mortgage: they will simply inherit the property. If you have a joint mortgage, the other party will receive full ownership of the house and not longer have to make any payments if you die. This also works in reverse: if your partner dies, you will receive the house.

Mortgage insurance to protect your beneficiaries is often offered by the lending institution that provides your mortgage. You have the offer of taking their insurance and you have the offer of declining it. It is wise to insure your mortgage, though you might not want to insure with your lending institution.

Before you get your mortgage, check out other insurance agencies to see what kind of competitive mortgage insurance rates are available. You will need to know that you have insurance before you go in to meet with your bank or lending institution. Your bank will probably insist that if you want their insurance you have to sign on the same day you finish completing your mortgage. Doing a little research in advance will help you establish if your bank is offering competitive rates. If your bank is offering competitive rates, it might be easier to insure through the bank so that you only have one monthly payment to worry about. Your mortgage insurance payment, if taken through the lending institution, will be bundled in with your mortgage payment.