Direct Cremation: Affordable Funeral Services

There are a number of advantages to direct cremation burial, which makes it a popular alternative in many situations. With direct cremation, the deceased’s body is not even buried, it is directly cremated soon after death. Next to burial, which involves viewing, embalming or grave site preparation, this is perhaps the least expensive and least personal option available. Direct cremations also allow families to choose whether to bury their loved one’s cremains in a traditional cemetery or scattering them at sea or other public or private spots. This option provides for both memorialization and closure, allowing family and friends to experience what it may be like to have their loved one with them beyond this life.You can get additional information at Los Angeles crematory.

remation is an appropriate way to end the burdens of burial. As cremation is a non-religious procedure, the deceased is not treated with any special respect by most funeral services. Often the casket is simply rented from a mortuary and the remains are returned to the family. Although there is some leeway in the specifics of the cremation process, the most important aspects of this option are the physical and spiritual comfort provided by the ashes’ removal and burial. In most cases, direct cremation eliminates all those worries.

Direct cremation has also become increasingly popular with religious funeral services. Since the ashes are not viewed, there is no chance of any contamination. Also, since the remains are directly buried in the ground, there is no chance of the remains being disturbed by vandals or wildlife. Families who choose direct cremation often find that the costs of traditional funeral services are significantly less and that their loved ones’ grief and pain are immediately eased.

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