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I came across a post on Why Exercise from Trevor Poling of Colorado Springs Gold’s Gym. Trevor spoke of how he was discouraged from becoming involved by injuries. He began working out and had this talk with his doctor later on. Visit Create Fitness.

I told him I used a weight machine, something I’d never done before. His reaction (to my surprise and delight) was if you continue doing that you can go back to all of the things I previously told you not to do.” AHA! This stuff about weight lifting is good for me.

That was 1974…thirty-seven years ago! I have been committed to fitness since then and can’t imagine life without it.

What an amazing quote. Exercise can be such an incredible cure. I know that I continue to find with my headaches that exercise helps to stop them and to alleviate them when they hit them. With a little exercise, injury, lack of health, or discomfort may all also be

Absence of Time

Some people say that because they just don’t have the time, they can’t exercise. Since it is so widespread, many new fitness ideas concentrate on this issue. You may want to look at some of the more intensive, shorter workout routines and see if one suits you if you discover that you just don’t have enough time to exercise. When you go shopping, you can get some cardio by only parking at the far end of the parking lot, then walking across the parking lot to the store. If you can walk instead of going somewhere, take the chance and get some cardio. And when you are crunched for time it is possible to work a fitness regimen into your everyday life. It takes only a little imagination.

Functional Limitations

Exercise can be a challenge when dealing with physical disabilities. To support those who have reduced mobility, new exercise concepts are being introduced all the time. For starters, this may make it difficult for you to walk if you have problems with your knees or feet. You might be able to work on a reclining bike, however, so that may be an option. Working with your physician and exploring different options for getting and staying fit is critical. Your health is dependent on that.