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If you were to sell your house today, what would you be doing first? You’d probably go and find a good real estate agent to guide, advise, and help you find a buyer. Visit Sell My House Fast Nj-Halo Homebuyers.┬áThat’s pretty much the normal thing to do, but as the average time homes stay on the market keeps getting longer, some people are turning to businesses that buy houses. They are called cash home buyers, and they are able to complete the purchase of a property even at short notice. If you’re facing foreclosure, are months late with your mortgage payments, or have a mountain pile of debts, you’ll need to raise quick cash, and the quickest way to do it is to sell your home to businesses buying properties, which is actually one of your biggest assets. They have cash on hand that they can draw upon without having to rely on banks or any other type of lenders for financing to make a direct purchase of any given property. They will close a sale within a couple of days if possible, so if you’re facing repossession, for instance, then that’s one of the only possibilities you really have to avoid. The number three mistake to avoid is NOT having an exit plan before purchasing a house. An exit strategy is a predetermined selling strategy that the seller uses before purchasing a property. For example, a landlord has predetermined that, before buying a four-unit house, she will sell it in 30 years. In this instance, the escape strategy is to sell the house in the future after the tenants have paid for it. A further example of a predetermined exit strategy is for an investor to purchase a single-family house at a reduced price. Since the property is purchased at a discount, it can then be sold to another investor who wishes to rehabilitate it for greater benefit. It was purchased correctly by the original buyer in this case.