Hiking On The Racetrack In Joshua Tree

You are generally looking for a little fresh air, some exercise and a chance to see some spectacular scenery away from the city when you head out for a walk. In some situations, you can take a little mystery with you too. more about it
Hiking in Joshua Tree on The Racetrack
In California, Joshua Tree National Park is situated in the high Mojave Desert. In practical terms, 29 Palms is located just off Interstate 10, a few minutes from the city of Palm Springs. For its distinctive features, the park is renowned. One of the strange plants you’ve all seen is the Joshua Tree itself. Throw in a lot of unusual geographical areas, and for hikers, rock climbers and campers, you have a mecca. And then the racetrack is there.
In the centre of a national park, you are probably curious what a racetrack is doing. Well it’s not the sort of racetrack that you would have imagined. Here no NASCAR. Instead it is simply a valley that is formed like a track, known as the Racetrack Valley. They also have rock formats that look like tribunes. I kid you, don’t!
Racetrack Valley’s really interesting thing is the participants. Standing from afar, it seems as if a race is really going on. You will see what tyre tracks around the valley look like. So who’s running right here? The respondents are huge rocks, a closer examination shows.
Everything to see is the race. You can see big rocks leaving trails in the flat valley plain. You can trace the trails back to see where they were. I’m talking about separate tracks, like a tyre that goes through dirt, not some sort of path that you have to imagine. The scene is so weird that when you’re not looking, you’ll think the rocks are shifting. The trails are so distinct and precise.