How To Find The Best Family Dentist In Your Area

Family dentistry deals with oral health throughout the entire life, not just during one’s childhood years. It also includes dental treatments for adults, both past and present, and can provide care in a variety of settings, including private homes, work environments, and schools. Family dentists follow a specific curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the family. They often see children as young as two years of age and treat them as young as four or five years old. They may treat both boys and girls, and may treat both white and colored individuals equally. They often have access to children from birth through the teenage years. You may want to check out New Bremen Family Dentistry for more.

Family dentists perform cleanings twice each year. These cleanings are usually done as part of routine oral hygiene, and are also good opportunities for preventative visits by the dentist. Generally, a child’s first visit to the dentist will be their baby’s initial checkup. Following this initial visit, children on an ongoing basis will see a dentist only when their family tooth needs attention or when a tooth is lost for some reason. Family dentists see children and adults alike, and the techniques they use are the same for all. The teeth clean by the dentist are x-rays, teeth whitening, extractions, crowns, orthodontic braces, bridges, gum recontouring, veneers, and other similar procedures.

Adults who suffer from oral anxiety and worry about developing cavities or having a tooth emergency are a good candidate for a family dentist. Studies have shown that people who are under extreme anxiety about oral hygiene show significantly lower self-esteem and poorer dental health. Family dentists work with these individuals to help them reduce their fears, develop a healthier oral routine, and learn how to get help in the event of a tooth emergency. For more information on finding a family dentist in your area, contact the Dental Association of Canada (DAC).


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