Important Element about Beaver Building & Remodelling

Part B is your own written Design Elements in person. In bullet point fashion, this unique document represents the details of what you would like to accomplish in your remodel. Visit Beaver Building & Remodeling.┬áConsider the “wish list” for Design Elements. They are unbelievably powerful and extremely helpful. Design Elements allow you to clarify and concentrate on the entire scope of the project by region prior to anyone performing drawings. Design Elements list each room and area that will be operated by level (floor) and what will be done in these areas. Typically, Design Elements also include suggested products, producers, and other significant items that you should consider. We will move on to part II after reviewing and making any changes.After you have had the opportunity to review and complete your written Design Elements, Part II happens. In this next phase of the journey, you will meet at the project location together with the contractor and his architect.In order to better understand what style, character, functionality, and personality you want your home improvement to reflect, the architect will ask additional questions. It is also likely that he will take some preliminary images and measurements. Over the next several days, when the meeting is over, the contractor and the architect meet to develop a game plan on how to best produce a set of schematic drawings, “as-builts” (drawings of the current floor plan), and elevations. The Design Elements will be further refined with this information and the price for architectural drawings will be added. Architectural drawings are the detailed “blue prints” (pictures) with dimensions of your construction/remodel design (illustrates size in feet and inches). In order to discuss the cost of these drawings and the time frame for producing them, the contractor will then contact you. Upon receipt of your permission from the Contractor to produce these drawings, the Contractor agrees with you to obtain a signature and first payment of the fees authorising him to legally begin work on your drawings.