Information On Breast Reconstruction

Your specialist will use a breast reconstruction technique to restore any extracted breast tissue, skin and nipples after a mastectomy. Each mastectomy is new depending on the amount of tissue that is involved, but each reconstruction is also special. The height, location and width of the tumor that has been withdrawn and the proximity to the area in which the lymph glands have been removed are considerations that may contribute to the amount of tissue initially extracted. Visit Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery – Baton Rouge breast reconstruction.

The aim of reconstruction is to restore the previous equilibrium between the breasts, such that the effects of the mastectomy are not apparent. Each woman will make an independent decision when it comes to reconstructing the breast section, as the lack of tissue in the mastectomy affects everyone differently.

After a mastectomy, you can wear extra breast patches or types or may not seek to modify the appearance to hide the absence. Breast reconstruction is another choice, and you may use your own replacement tissue or breast implants. Improvements to the continuous plastic surgery methodology will provide you with far more results today than were available in previous years. Yet the choice is always personal, and depends on your own level of comfort.

Repairing a breast is not an aesthetic operation following a mastectomy. They are referred to as reconstructive surgery as they retain balance and anatomy. The reconstruction performed during a mastectomy is actually deemed a part of the treatment of breast cancer. This procedure would boost your physical appearance and again provide you psychological benefits and a sense of “normal” feeling.

The choice of whether to undergo reconstructive breast surgery is focused on your own treatment, medical experience and desires. Where possible, plastic surgeons recommend that after the mastectomy, the first maintenance operations are performed. Rapidly reconstructing a breast will help decrease the discomfort of losing a breast and minimize the need for another painful surgery.

If you may not qualify for reconstructive surgery immediately after the mastectomy, you might choose to get the reconstruction done months or even years later. When radiation and chemotherapy care is done, reconstructive operation will typically be delayed until treatment is total. You will determine the proper time for reconstructive work along with your surgeon.

There are various procedures involved in reconstructing the breast. They’ll send you results that are more cosmetically pleasing. Your present experience, long-term goals, and previous treatments should be considered as you choose either the tissue or breast implants to be used in the operation.

One common procedure to be considered following reconstructive breast reconstruction is the regeneration of the nipple. After a mastectomy, the areola and nipple are removed, since this is a place where cancer can recur. Once the reconstruction is complete, the nipple and areola can be carried out. This will allow the fresh breast tissue time to heal and relax, since minor position and size adjustments would be made until the surgeon reconstructs the nipple and areola. This can be achieved on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia.