Insurance Agency -Types

Insurance agents are licensed by the state they live in to sell insurance products. They are responsible for their own sales and advertising campaigns and must keep abreast of industry developments to increase sales. There are several types of insurance agencies, and each has their own specific needs and regulations. There are also several levels of licenses, all of which are granted by the state you live in. The number of years of experience you have in the insurance field will determine what type of license you will hold. more here offers excellent info on this.

Brokers are one type of insurance agencies that provide direct sales by working directly with insurers. While these brokers usually represent only one company, they can work with a large number of insurers because of their extensive network. These brokers must have thorough knowledge of their industry, as well as knowledge of the coverage they sell, in order to effectively market coverage to buyers. Since these brokers work directly with the insurers themselves, they have access to the most current premium rates, as well as the lowest amounts of coverage for each policy. They must also perform an extensive amount of research on each insurer they work with.

Another type of insurance agency is an independent agent. An independent agent represents multiple insurers and acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. This agent may not be licensed, but will be paid by the insurer for each policy sold. Since most policies sold by this type of insurance agency are short-term in nature, an independent agent may work with multiple clients at any one time.