Kaizen Progressive Health – Need to Know About Being Truly Healthy

Chiropractic centres around an attitude to life and wellness that is critical, balanced, and natural. The innate capacity of the body to self-heal and self-regulate itself is included in this essential, holistic, and natural strategy. This theory suggests that in every setting, the body already has what it requires to evolve, recover, and thrive. The body is expected to be Safe and not Ill. By addressing causes and not effects, chiropractic works on preserving true wellbeing and getting patients back to health. From holding the heart pumping, digesting food, increasing hair (or not;-), curing wounds, and the many other intelligent roles we don’t even know of, we see the great strength of the Body in real life. The capacity of the body to accomplish all this without our deliberate aid suggests an incredible inherent intellect. You can learn more at Kaizen Progressive Health.
Chiropractic helps this intelligence by freeing the spine and nervous system of all interference so that the body can perform its job perfectly (the way it is suppose to). By feeding with real nutrition and walking to the correct pace, Chiropractic often emphasises on getting safe and remaining healthy. They alleviate nerve interference and systemic interference in chiropractic. In Dis-ease, nerve intervention is a very significant part, and systemic interference is the major degeneration cause, such as arthritis. The Brain, your primary “computer” which controls all of your 70-100 TRILLION cells that make up all of your organs, muscles, and tissues. The Spinal Cord, which is the primary “highway” of the Brain, comes from the Brain, and the Spinal Cord channels all input from the Brain to the many nerves that come to the majority of the 70-100 TRILLION cells of your body from the Spinal Cord.
If the spinal segments or “joints” (called a Subluxation) are messed with, so the nerves do not fully execute the signals of the brain to the remainder of the body. This is why chiropractic medicine, including yoga, is a lifetime prevention and maintenance activity. The source of interference with your nervous system and whole body needs to do with frequent stressors in your spine and body. These stressors come in three types and are chemical (alcohol, unhealthy food, medications, nicotine, etc.), emotional (depression, anxiety, anger, stress, frustration, etc.), and physical, of course (falling, moving, bending, twisting, sitting, etc.).
Many of these stressors help the body adjust and cause interference with the spinal spine, allowing bones to become “stuck” and this creates wear and tear on the joints and restricts nerves by “pinching them.” Much of the time, you won’t even realise that there is intervention until late in the process, which is when signs begin to set in (but the cause has always been there). In the dis-ease process, discomfort and effects are late, and wellbeing is NOT the lack of pain or illness. Health is HEALTH Preservation (staying healthy and taking care of it). Let’s assume there is 50 percent involvement with a nerve heading to the heart (the weight of a quarter on a nerve causes 50 percent interference WOW). This is like having a voice call where you can just understand the other party communicating 50% of the time (you may have experienced this). Much when you can’t get the whole message on the phone from the other person, the heart can’t get all the details from the brain so that it can perform its job completely and perfectly.