Micro Tattoo- A Summary

Many women want to get tattooed, yet prefer to get feminine small tattoos to start out. It’s a great idea and there are some great design ideas for feminine small tattoos. Learn more by visiting PiercingPlaces.

1. Small Flowers.

A small flower design is simple, pretty and an easy first tattoo to get. You really can’t go wrong with a small flower design (I mean, how many girls would have regrets over getting a cute tiny flower!) You can also have a wide range of possibility with a small flower. Color, type of flower, stem if any, are a few of the custom decisions you get to make.

2. Butterfly Tattoos.

While a butterfly tattoo may be a little bigger than a small flower design, it still can qualify as a feminine small tattoo. Butterflies are colorful, beautiful designs that can have a lot of significance. As with the flower, there are many different butterfly designs to choose from. Make sure to research around and find the best butterfly for you!

3. Star tattoo.

Star tattoos can be the ultimate in small design tattoos. And yes, star tattoos can be very feminine. Many women have tiny star tats and they look great! Stars have a rich history in tattooing and can serve as a symbol for strength and direction in life. Don’t think stars are limited either. There are different star tattoo designs to choose from, and you’ll be able to choose which color you want to fill in your star as well. Star’s are beautiful and fun tattoos that could be the ideal tiny feminine design that you are after.

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