Mold Removal And Remediation: Cleaning Up Your Home’s Indoor Air

Mold removal and remediation have often been used interchangeably by professional mold cleaners and contractors. This, in large measure, is because mold remediation is already a more familiar term to the average home owner. In short, mold remediation is simply one step in a multi step process. In the case of removing mold, you will first need to determine whether or not you should consult a professional service or if you should tackle the job yourself. You may want to check out Austin Mold Removal  for more.

In my experience, the best way to deal with the issue on your own is to first get rid of the mold itself. If you are dealing with a small infestation, the task may be as straightforward as using a HEPA filter to kill the mold and to effectively clear out the contaminated room. However, on an infestation that covers several rooms or even an entire house, you will probably need to seek professional mold cleaning assistance. Luckily, many mold remediation companies are also willing to provide consulting services. In fact, many mold cleaning companies will come into your home to inspect for infestations and to perform a free indoor air quality test.

Once the mold has been removed, the cleanup can begin. Most mold remediation companies will provide special cleaners that kill the remaining mold spores and prevent them from returning. While some mold cleaning companies will use green eco-friendly cleaners that destroy the mold spores without harming humans, it is still a good idea to follow your professional cleaners recommendations when it comes to washing your house. Many mold remediation experts recommend that homeowners remove carpet, upholstery and any other fabrics in the affected rooms immediately. Afterward, the rooms should be properly aired out, with fans or air purifiers to speed up the process.


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