New Ideas For The Best Way To Filter Tap Water

Where your water supply is concerned, the veneer of safety has been shattered. Many people are scared to drink water from their pipes and are equally cautious about showering.I strongly suggest you to visit What Is The Best Way To Filter Tap Water? to learn more about this.

However by drinking or bathing in filtered tap water, there is little need to be cautious. Depending on the type of filtration technology used, tap water that is filtered is:

1. Free of chlorine. Now why is this important? After all, chlorination has been used for decades to kill dangerous pathogens in drinking water. However chlorine has a dark side. It can cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma and when it interacts with organic matter in your water supply, it forms by products that are heavily linked to cancer.

2. Bacteria Free. Some pathogens in water are resistant to municipal chlorination. Pathogens if ingested over time can kill you fairly quickly or give you serious gastrointestinal illness. By filtering tap water, bacteria is removed and your water is much safer to drink.

3. Chemical free. Rocket fuel, arsenic, asbestos and pesticides can end up in the water supply and wreak havoc with your health. Certain types of purifiers are better than others at removing synthetic chemicals from your water.

4. Free of pharmaceutical drugs. An Associated Press probe found all types of drugs in the drinking water of 40 million Americans. These drugs could cause endocrine and hormonal problems.


By getting a home water treatment system to produce filtered tap water , it would remove harmful drinking water contaminants and make it safer for your family to drink.