Providing Help After a Death Is Crime Scene Cleanup

It is something of a shock to anyone to discover a death on a property. The first thing that should be done when this happens is to contact the police to make sure that no crime has been committed. The police and coroner will come to the property and remove the body from the premises and then, if it is a residential home, they will release the property back to the management company or family. There are a number of things that must be understood and handled upon release. You will first need to make sure that the home is safe for other individuals to enter. There will be biohazard fluids and blood that will need cleanup after the body is removed in order for this to happen. It is important to ensure that you hire a company that is designated and licensed to do this type of work at this point due to the biohazard nature and risks involved in cleaning up blood or after a death. Even if there is no crime involved, this type of business is commonly referred to as crime scene cleanup, some individuals refer to them as death cleanup companies, but either way they are a specifically trained and skilled type of hazmat service that can handle this.You may want to check out Tampa Crime Scene Cleaners for more.

Once the cleanup of the crime scene is on site and on the property, a full evaluation of the damage will be completed. To help them know what they are dealing with, they will want to know how the death occurred. For example, if it is a suicide cleanup, the exit wound of the bullet and the trajectory of the blood splatter may need to be taken into account to determine whether ceiling panels, walls, room furniture, or flooring will need to be removed. If it’s a homicide cleanup, according to the police, they will want to know what rooms the assault occurred in and will want to know if fingerprinting dust was used or tear gas was used to apprehend the attacker. Or it can be a natural or unattended death and in this situation, when discovered, they need to know where the body was and how many unattended days to determine how bad the flooring can be damaged.

They will begin the cleaning after this evaluation is done, with the primary objective being to decontaminate all affected areas. This implies that they must complete the death cleanup of any visible substances that may remove floor boards and ceiling panels. The next step is to sterilize the property to ensure that any hazardous or blood-borne pathogens such as MRSA, STAPH, C-DIFF, HIV or Hepatitis are destroyed and that any human or animal that may soon enter the property can no longer cause any harm.


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