Requirements of Roofing Companies

Roofing and the materials used for a new roof have been significantly enhanced by today’s technology. A roof might have lasted 5-10 years 20 years ago, but today’s roof will last between 15-25 years with vast changes in materials; if you hire an experienced roofer with access to this new technology and high-quality materials. Shingles are the most common roofing material needed, and you’ll be shocked that fiberglass shingles are now used instead of pebble-shedding paper matt shingles that were used 20 years ago. Fiberglass, coming in a number of different weights, can resist warping. Matte shingles of Pebble-shedding paper can curl and can fall off your roof quickly. Due to the different geographical conditions, other types of shingles are made. Specifically, there is a shingle form for this if you live in an environment where you can experience harsh climate, either hot or cold. Much like there are specifically made shingles for heavy winds and those that are resistant to hail.

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Make sure you understand that what you pay for is what you get. Shingles, based on their weight, are valued and given certain guarantees. The thicker and heavier the shingle, the higher the guarantee. For example, inexpensive shingles, compared to heavy shingles that weigh 420 lbs per square, can weigh 200 lbs per 10 foot square. In contrast, the average warranty for these shingles varies between 20 and 50 years. You will be given a lifetime warranty if you pick an architectural grade. However, any natural damage from the sun, accumulated dirt, and heat or humidity coming from your attic is taken away from even the best shingles. Just because you can’t see any harm, just like the human body, doesn’t mean there’s no damage. This is why, from time to time, you need a successful roof inspection.

If you see any damage to any shingles, this indicates that this is a good sign that it will be time to repair the roof. Check for damp spots in the attic pipes and the vents in the plywood or particleboard or moisture. Adequate ventilation is a problem and is ignored much of the time. Many of today’s homes are highly energy tight. It does, however, have a down side to your roof. There is less air movement that can trap heat and moisture because of the tight energy flow. This can cause shingles from below to wear out. Make sure you hire a professional roof contractor if you need to replace or fix the roof. More than just removing the warped shingles, there is more to the installation process.