Review Of Petaluma Community Access Television

Community Access Television (CAT) is the name of a new independent online television service that aims to provide quality TV programming to rural and remote communities.The service has been designed to complement the rural and remote community television programming which is predominantly available from small-to-medium sized terrestrial channels. CAT offers broadband access via an innovative VoIP-based service, thereby providing television viewing options even to individuals who may not be able to access terrestrial television through their homes. The service also provides a unique opportunity to the rural and remote communities to experience television beyond their limited reach and in an affordable way. look at this site

The main advantage of CAT over similar media like cable and satellite is that it offers a cost-efficient way of accessing television. CAT is a “pay-per-view” service, which means that each user is charged for every individual program they watch, irrespective of whether they watch it or not. So, users do not incur additional costs for watching programs they have not started and are not interested in. This is unlike cable and satellite where a pay-per-view fee applies to all television programs unless an individual out of this service.

CAT’s service extends beyond reaching the rural communities to the urban areas as well. Apart from offering quality television programming, CAT also enables users to stream various radio channels and high-quality music channels. It is also facilitating people to share information on local festivals, latest happenings, local news and any other information they want to know. With the increasing demand for affordable television services, the popularity of community access television has increased significantly.