The Worlds Most Expensive Golf Courses

And if you’re wealthy enough to be officially invited to join and can afford the membership fees, you’re probably already aware of these courses and don’t need to read about them. Of course, I may be mistaken… but I’m going to believe I’m right because I don’t want my world to be broken. Click this link now

In this post, we’ll start “tiny.” The Bayonne Golf Club in New Jersey is the first stop. This course is said to have cost more than $150 million to construct, with initiation fees of $175,000 for locals and $75,000 for national or foreign participants, as well as $10,000 annual dues. This may seem pricey to you, but it isn’t for the high-powered Wall Street executives who live just across the Hudson River. These payments are a drop in the bucket for some of these executives who enjoy golf. The location of this golf course is one of its most attractive features. When the weather is good, executives can get out for a round of golf in just a few minutes by boat or helicopter from Wall Street.

The Liberty National golf course, a pet project of Reebok creator Paul Fireman, is next on our list. The design of this course was expected to cost about $250 million (We say rumoured because private clubs are not required to release cost reports). Liberty National charges about $200,000 in joining fees to compete with Bayonne Golf Club. It is conveniently situated between Wall Street and Manhattan, much like the Bayonne Golf Club. The 16th hole, which is 486 yards and a par 4, is the most prominent on the course. This hold descends from the clubhouse towards the water, with the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline in the background.

Although both of these courses are stunning and unique, they pale in comparison to the Maldives’ proposed floating golf course. This course is expected to cost more than $500 million and will be completed by 2015. So, how does a golf course on water work? It consists of a series of floating platforms with two or three holes on each one. One of the most interesting aspects of this project is that underwater tunnels with transparent walls link each of the platform islands. When you walk from island to island, you’ll get a glimpse of life under the sea’s surface. The cost of membership has not been revealed. However, with a construction cost of $500 million or more, expect this course to appeal to the ultra-rich.