Tree Removal And Trimming – Protect Our Environment

Tree removal is the process of physically removing a tree by hand or using mechanized equipment. Tree felling and trimming are an activity performed by trained arborists. The main function of a tree removal company is to remove your trees that are detrimental to the surrounding environment. There are two types of felling machines: manual cutting and hydraulic cutting. Click here to find out more Manhattan tree removal

Landscape maintenance is the process of taking action to mitigate the effect of a tree removal on the surrounding vegetation. For example, road weed, power lines and wetland vegetation are all at risk for damage and loss if removed. Power lines are especially important for low-voltage systems that will be cut, as well as vegetation growing along power lines. Tree felling and trimming are a key aspect of this work. As with landscape maintenance, the purpose of the work is to protect the natural habitat and prevent further destruction to the area.

Tree felling and trimming companies are required by law to obtain proper licenses, as well as a permit to operate. These laws were put in place to protect the integrity of our environment. In addition to obtaining proper licenses and permits, tree removal and trimming companies are also required to adhere to many municipal codes. Compliance with these regulations ensures that we are able to enjoy the beauty that our natural resources provide while ensuring public safety.