What a Personal Injury Attorney Does for You

Auto accidents appear to happen almost everywhere these days. Few of us have driven for more than a few minutes without noticing the telltale signs of a fender bender, or, at worst, a multi-car pileup that could have resulted in fatalities. When an accident happens, most people are in such a state of disorientation that they are unable to think about the legal proceedings that could ensue. This is why it is important that you understand what a personal injury attorney does and have a personal injury lawyer’s contact details before you are involved in an accident. Checkout Flagler Personal Injury Group.

Personal injury law is a specialised area of law. Complex laws rule the civil tort area, involving depositions, testimony, and likely trials. None, if any, laypeople would be able to handle both their accident treatment and their court case at the same time. Due to specialisation and the viewpoint of an impartial third party, even most lawyers employ other attorneys to manage their own personal cases.

What would a personal attorney support you with? Simply put, they will serve as your lawyer in and out of court, fighting for your best interests. If the insurance firms need depositions or testimony, they will first contact the attorney, who will handle all of the paperwork. And if you’ve been severely wounded, you’ll need to fill out a lot of paperwork if you want your insurance claim to be approved. You could end up responsible for your car and medical bills if you forget even the tiniest specifics of the process.

This does not answer the possibility that the other party is blaming you for the accident. If this is the case, you must actively deny them in order to prevent being held liable. Nobody wants to be liable for another person’s medical bills.

Although you can employ a personal injury attorney after you’ve been injured, it’s better to hire one before you’ve been hurt. Establishing a rapport with a personal injury lawyer means that whether you are hurt or charged, you will have an attorney who is familiar with you and will be more sensitive. Finding a credible law firm, calling them for a consultation, and then moving in is the safest way to go about it. Others will ask for a nominal retainer for their services, and others will happily sit down with you and explain their fees if you need them. Simply keep their phone number handy, and they can be one of your first calls if you are involved in an accident.