Why Jewelry Stores Have Few Tungsten Ring Styles

Around half of all wedding bands sold in the United States are now made of tungsten carbide, according to Triton Rings, one of the world’s largest wholesalers of tungsten carbide rings. By now, many individuals have heard of tungsten rings, but probably have not realised how enormously famous they are in this region. This is because of their stamina and most notably, their affordability. Anyone who has gone to their local jeweller searching for tungsten wedding bands, however, usually complains that there are just a handful of models to choose from. Visit Jewelry Designer-Boyd Jewelers.

The main explanation is that jewellery stores stock a few tungsten ring types is that they don’t necessarily want to purchase a tungsten ring from their customers. “When asked, they offer a range of explanations, such as “it’s not really jewellery” and there’s nothing precious about tungsten”. The real explanation is that tungsten rings are less costly than platinum or white gold wedding bands, so their buyers make less profit from them. Like any other business, jewellers need to label their products and they usually mark it by a percentage. If you have a $250 tungsten ring and a $2,500 platinum ring, you would be right if you guessed that the platinum ring would command a higher sum of profit in dollars. Just like it would make less profit for a car dealer to market a Hyundai rather than a Mercedes. Many jewellers are hesitant to carry a few tungsten ring types because they just don’t want to sell it but if they can’t persuade their clients to purchase an expensive platinum or gold ring, they can still sell a tungsten ring to make some money as a last resort.

While it is true that tungsten is a cheaper metal and is less rare than gold, couples don’t want to spend a lot of money on their marriage bands these days and get them broken very easily and then have to spend a lot of money to repair them again. People do not want to think about anything on their finger that is so costly that it can easily be lost or harmed. Since the metal is so scratch resistant, tungsten carbide wedding bands give clients peace of mind. No other metal, in fact, can scratch it. It can only be scratched by such crystals and diamonds. Even if their ring gets broken, replacing them will be relatively inexpensive. Some manufacturers of tungsten rings also give a lifetime warranty that will replace the ring if the finger size changes or replace it if the ring breaks somehow. Jewelers need to respond to evolving market patterns and consumer needs, like many other companies in the world. Many jewellers make sure that they will lose profits and may even have to close their companies by hiding from consumers what they want and refusing to change their product selections to reflect market demand.